View Full Version : Join the FHS Fantasy League

Aaron Brouwer
09-02-2011, 15:27
If your looking for another hockey pool to join be sure to check out the Fantasy Hockey Scouts Fantasy League!!!

You up for some fantasy hockey? This season we're going to try to run a few FHS leagues for our readers. Should be a good time. Now is your chance to take down Cam, I and other regular readers at FHS.

Not only will winners get the pleasure of knowing they are the best of a smart bunch (you guys) but we will also feature them in an FHS post in the future. You'll be famous!

If you're interested email: [email protected]

Tell me:
- Your name
- Your email
- Your fantasy skill level (amatuer, minor leaguer, professional)
- Any league preferences/statistic categories you have.

All are welcome! The more the merrier.