View Full Version : Add Two-Ex Devils to the Current Roster

02-07-2012, 15:02
NHLers still active, so Stevens/Niedermayer do not apply. And cap hits do not count.
Me, I think I'd go with, Gionta, and the other, maybe, Martin? Can't really think of some beauties still left in the NHL.

Clarkson Falls Down
02-07-2012, 15:07
I'd think long and hard about Halischuk.

But Martin's my first choice.

02-07-2012, 15:15
Halischuk is a good pick. I'll say Zach in July.

Zajac's Bowl Cut
02-07-2012, 16:54
Halischuk and Martin, probably

though Martin has sucked this year

02-07-2012, 17:12
Martin has, but he's still pretty good, I feel.

Classic Devil
02-07-2012, 18:12
This is a hard question. Martin is probably one, and I'd take Sheldon Souray as the other (to replace Foster). Willie Mitchell is also a good option.

Tao Jones
02-10-2012, 23:29
Halischuk and un-injured Arnott.

02-11-2012, 06:45
Scott Clemmensen obviously but for players who I think we could actually use Mike Rupp and Paul Martin.

02-11-2012, 07:50
Halischuk and Rupp.