View Full Version : Movie Review: Goon

Coach Pharling
03-06-2012, 15:22
There are plenty of classic sports movies. Rudy, Field of Dreams, Hoosiers and Rocky are some of the best of all-time. When it comes to hockey movies, none have been very successful. Perhaps the hockey movie with the highest accolades is Miracle, but the best “hockey” movie ever made is Slapshot. The biggest challenge in making a hockey movie is the audience; do you make it for hockey fans, or movie fans?

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Coach Selly
05-16-2012, 14:13
I am so very excited about this movie. I really think this is going to be something that all of us who love hockey are going to enjoy.

Assistant Coach Rocca
06-13-2012, 18:05
I saw Goon back when it was in limited release up in Canada. Absolutely loved it. Going in, I wasn't sure how I felt about Seann William Scott as a hockey player, but he did a great job. Liev Schreiber was awesome too.