View Full Version : Off Season Decisions for the Ottawa Senators

Coach Pharling
05-22-2012, 12:08
Will Daniel Alfredsson return for one more season with the Ottawa Senators?

Heading into next season, expectations will be far greater than at this time last year for the Ottawa Senators.

A return to the post season and life beyond the first round is where the bar will be set.

But just how high will that measurement of expectation go? After all, it was only last year the Senators were a lottery pick and most experts expected them to finish lower than that for this season!

With plenty of talented young prospects on the rise, there will be difficult decisions to be made in Ottawa from the draft, through free agency right up to training camp.

The biggest questions surrounding the Ottawa Senators this summer will be the future of their Captain Daniel Alfredsson, and resigning UFA Erik Karlsson. Alfie has one year remaining on his contract that will pay him $1 million but he is 39 years old and may decide to retire. While he is still playing at a All-Star level, he suffered two concussions this season, and had back surgery the previous off season. It is a real possibility that he chooses his health and family over playing the final year of his contract.

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