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Coach Selly
06-08-2012, 08:12
Clean Ice

The Kontinental Hockey League Medical Center on Thursday gave a progress report on its work over the previous season as part of the Clean Ice program to combat doping in sport

Over the course of the 2011/2012 season a total of 856 doping tests were conducted across the entire KHL system. In all, 15 players tested positive: 5 in the KHL, 6 in the lower league (VHL) and 4 in the youth league (YHL). This is from a total of 2833 players who took part in games of the KHL, VHL and YHL during the 2011/2012season: 716 in the KHL Championship, 776 in the VHL Championship, 1120 in the YHL Championship, and another 625 in the YHL Chevrolet competition. There were 404 players on bilateral contracts who appeared in more than one league in the system.

Check out the rest right here (http://en.khl.ru/news/2012/6/8/24626.html)