View Full Version : Jokerit hits the swamp?

Coach Selly
06-12-2012, 08:27
From what I can gather from the pictures and the poor translation, it looks like Jokerit actually held a team practice outdoors in the woods and in a swamp :dunno:

League team headed to practice nearby swamp Kirkkonummi last Friday. Coach and Doctor Harri Hakkarainen took players to a new environment that brought break a sweat as well as new physical and mental element. Players were given heart rates up in muddy marks.

Check out the photos and video right here (http://www.jokerit.com/uutiset/?nid=1867)

06-13-2012, 16:31
The article tells why their fitness coach and doctor Harri Hakkarainen brought the team to a swamp and what they did there (walking, running and faceplanting most of the time ;))
It also states that this week Jokerit are off to train at Vierumäki doing some on- and off-the-ice trainings + doing some different physical tests.

On the video, at 0:20 Semir Ben-Amor states quite sympathetically: "Should I look glad now when I'm dying?" So yes, they were definitely enjoying it! :laugh: