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Coach Selly
06-28-2012, 08:04
From Jeff Miller at the OC Register:

The NHL’s third most interesting season is about to open. After the playoffs and regular season, it’s free-agent season.

The league’s Web site just posted the top 12 questions entering free agency. Number 6 was whether the Ducks would trade Bobby Ryan.

Personally, we still maintain they shouldn’t, although he’s making it harder and harder to hold that position.

More right here (http://ducks.ocregister.com/2012/06/28/bobby-ryan-what-were-you-thinking/111736/)

Coach Selly
06-28-2012, 08:05
Bobby Ryan's Glass Case of Emotion

It's been a couple days since Bobby Ryan's comments to the New Jersey Courier Post. My emotions have run their cycle. (I have two fully written, angry posts from Friday and Saturday about this subject that I'm glad I didn't publish. I sound like a psycho hose-beast.) it's time to objectively look at what BR said.

Reading through the comments on some of our stories that came out after the Courier Post article was published, showed me just how passionate Ducks fans are on this subject. It became clear to me that there are two different factions when it comes to Bobby. Group #1 is sympathetic to Bobby's plight and feels like he has every right to be angry. Group #2 believes Ryan is acting like a spoiled brat and he doesn't understand the business side of hockey.

More... (http://www.anaheimcalling.com/2012/6/27/3118638/Anaheim-Calling-Bobby-Ryan-Glass-Case-of-Emotion-Trade-Request-Philadelphia-Flyers)