View Full Version : Taking a Look at the Flyers Salary Cap

Coach Selly
06-28-2012, 10:11
With the July 1 free agency date quickly approaching, I thought it might be fun to look into the Flyers’ offseason salary cap situation. Being the obvious masochist that I am, I sat down and crunched some numbers.

A bit of a disclaimer though—the offseason salary cap isn’t something widely calculated. In fact, I don’t know anyone that does calculate it. Even Cap Geek gives us a friendly notice when it says “Please note: CapGeek.com does not yet calculate the offseason cap. Our offseason cap estimates are a projection of opening-day cap space.”

Furthermore, I should remind you all that offseason cap calculation is the furthest thing from an exact science. Fortunately for us, Cap Geek neatly spells out all that is calculated in the off-season salary cap.

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