View Full Version : Penguin Fans are you happy with Crosby contract despite injury history?

Aaron Brouwer
06-28-2012, 13:32
I want to know how many pittsburgh fans are happy with the Crosby contract given his history for injury? Is this going to be another Rick Dipietro contract or is his problems behind him? He is one big hit away from missing half a season or more again. Thoughts?

Coach Selly
06-29-2012, 08:34
If Crosby can stay healthy, I am very okay with the length and the amount. But, that really is the big if, isn't it? Can Crosby remain healthy?!

Coach Pharling
06-29-2012, 10:20
I think his proper diagnosis of soft tissue injury in his neck made a major difference. While there is always a chance of concussion that is true with any player. I think given his value to the team, the league, and the sport the risk is well worth it IMO.
After all, he saved the franchise!