View Full Version : Scott Glennie Knows His Time Should Be Now

Coach Selly
07-09-2012, 09:26
The general rule of thumb is that draft picks can't be truly judged until at least five years after the pick is made, but for high first round picks, especially ones that come up through major junior rather than the NCAA ranks, most expect to see flashes sooner.

That's the position Scott Glennie has been in for the last several seasons. The No. 8 overall pick from the 2009 draft has been judged, fairly or not, as he struggled with injuries as he advanced up the hockey ladder. And as others from the 2009 class have left marks on the NHL, there have been many questioning just when he would arrive with the Dallas Stars.

While he made his NHL debut in the final game of last season, it was his his relative health during the AHL season and defensive adjustment with the Texas Stars that offered the most optimism. And during the ongoing development camp, the right wing/center said he's ready to focus on the other parts of his game.

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Coach Selly
07-09-2012, 09:27
What do you think about Glennie? Is he ready for full-time NHL play?