View Full Version : Markus Granlund: Flames' Best Prospect

Assistant Coach Ivancic
07-14-2012, 01:53
Yes, I think that he is better than Sven Bartschi.

Granlund has excelled at every level that he has played at, and has put up excellent numbers in every international tournament that he has played in. Sure, you can say that his totals are inflated because he has played with his brother, but even that can't explain his fantastic production and consistency year after year. Bartschi, in comparison, has struggled to score points in every major international tournament that he has played in.

In addition, Bartschi's WHL numbers are inflated. I say that because every good European player that has come over to play in the CHL has had inflated numbers (just see Neiderreiter, S. Kostystyn, Backlund, and Grachev as three examples), so I am not as impressed by Bartschi as most people are.

Granlund will have some issues due to his size, but he has loads of talent and offensive awareness. I truly see him as the Flames' future number one center and he should have himself a good career where he puts up close to Tomas Plekanec numbers.