View Full Version : Is this the end for Kimmo Timonen?

Coach Selly
07-19-2012, 15:21
While Twitter and Broad Street Buzz blew up over night about reports of the Flyers giving Shea Weber a $110 Million offer sheet for 14 years, the thing I was thinking about is what will happen to Veteran Kimmo Timonen? Which is kind of weird, but two seasons ago the ex-Predator Timonen commented that he would love to play on a line with Weber. Perhaps a hint that the Flyers would try to gain the much needed defensemen. The news has been confirmed by several reporters, and CSNís Sarah Baicker annouced on Twitter that it has been confirmed by a Flyers insider. That being said, it is still just an offer sheet, which means he hasnít been signed on as a Flyer yet. The question is what is Philadelphia giving up in order to meet the demands of the salary cap?

If Nashville canít won up the Flyers offer, Timonen might get his wish. That is if heís still playing. Which is the reason why I wanted to write to focus on Timonenís future with the Flyers. Iíve written about Timonen extensively before, not just on this blog, but on my other blog as well, I was even speculating if he would get the C after Richards was traded. Rumor has it that he said he didnít want it, probably because he is still trying to figure out when he was going to retire. Iím a strong believer in our defensemen, especially since when I used to play sports I always took on this position, so I have a soft spot in my heart for blueliners. And for Finland. Timonen has been my favorite Flyer, but with his recent injuries is it time for him to end his long career?

All the rest is right here (http://broadstreetbuzz.com/2012/07/19/will-timonen-retire/)