View Full Version : Is Burke pursuing Ryan Getzlaf in a trade. If not he should be.

07-20-2012, 14:23
I think leafs are aggressively pursuing Getzlaf. Anaheim has a bit of a problem as a low budget team and both Getzlaf and Perry being UFA's next July 1. I am sure both of those guys look at Parise, Suter and now Weber and see $$$ dancing in front of their eyes. I doubt Anaheim could afford to add two $100m plus contracts to the payroll and depending on the new CBA that still might not be enough. It would be wise for Murray to move at least one the way Shero did with Staal. If you are going to lose them or can't afford them now is the time to cash in and avoid getting nothing for them. Losing Schultz for nothing was out of Murray's control but Getzlaf and Perry are not. Clearly Murray has not been able to resign either to an extension and I am sure he has been trying.

Anaheim need help at center and defense. Leafs would have to put a package together from among Grabovski, Bozak, Colborne, Lombardi, Kadri, Connolly and perhaps Phaneuf, Franson, and they may even have to include a player like Kessel or JVR to make it work. I would think Grabovski + Bozak + Phaneuf might do it.

Toronto would then need to resign Getzlaf to something like $10 to $14m per year on a five year deal. Getzlaf is worth that kind of money if Leafs want to lock him up otherwise he will wait and test the market and get at least those kind of bucks from somebody. It is a risky move for Burke as Getzlaf might just wait it out and then pick his team the way Parise and Suter did. Getzlaf is worth the risk in my opinion and he certainly fills Leafs need for a big No 1 center.

It is worth noting that Leafs also have a similar problem with Lupul. If they can't trade Lupul they will lose him as a UFA next July 1 but at least they got Lupul as a throw in in the Gardiner deal so losing Lupul for nothing will be a little less painful but it will still hurt big time.

07-20-2012, 23:59
First everyone is supporting Schultz for screwing over the ducks, then you all want bobby to leave, now the captain getzlaf...is there a team you all dislike more than the ducks? Show me who they are?