View Full Version : So what actually happened with Daniel Winnik?

Coach Selly
07-22-2012, 09:22
If you missed it yesterday, Daniel Winnik took his shorts-wearing talents to Anaheim, signing a two-year, $3.6 million contract with the Ducks. The obvious question stemming from that news is why Doug Wilson and company didn't opt to retain him at what appears to be a very fair price. I'm not privy to contract negotiations so there's no way to be sure about an answer but a quote from Winnik in an interview on the Ducks' official website might help piece together what transpired:

There were some discussions and then they signed (Adam) Burish. Doug Wilsonís quotes were pretty straight forward that they had moved on from me as a player.

If we take Winnik's comments at face value, the Sharks apparently negotiated with Winnik's agent prior to free agency opening on July 1st and then decided to sign Adam Burish instead. There are a couple of reasons why that could have happened. The most likely seems to be that Winnik's contract demands at the time were substantially higher than the $1.8mil/year he settled on. That theory fits with various rumors that Winnik's representation has liked to play hardball in the past, which led to his departure from both Phoenix and Colorado, both teams opting to trade the forward rather than re-sign him at his asking price. It also might help explain why Winnik remained un-signed for so long.

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