View Full Version : Could Brenden Morrow and Stephane Robidas also be traded at some point?

Coach Selly
07-25-2012, 11:12
Q: As I look at the roster and see a proverbial no-manís land for players who have facial hair but donít yet use walkers (in hockey years), I see both Morrow and Robidas. What will happen to these two who are in the Death Valley of Stars players? Iím getting fairly tired of my favorites leaving (Ott especially) and am actually less enthused than I was since new ownership took over.

Also (and somewhat related), I know Tom Gaglardi said that he wouldnít run out and balloon the payroll, but try to grow the roster responsibly. Then Joe dumps all but the kids and the elderly (again, hockey old, not actually old). All that to say this: if I wanted to watch a team with a bunch of kids and a few older veterans, Iíd drive to Allen and hope thereís a Mike Keane type to watch. I donít want to spend $30 for a nose bleed, a seat next to a profane drunk, and tryout hockey. Iím a fan and I have been since I got the Pizza Hut Dallas Stars hockey stick (and we were exclusively Dominoís customers) and watched on Channel 39! Iím just tired and I feel like a ďwait and seeĒ approach will prevent the heartache that has resulted in the past number of seasons once my most recent line of favorites left (Iím still sad over Zubov leaving)...

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