View Full Version : Who will be Shea Weber's defense partner? - Thursday's notes

07-26-2012, 07:06
Now that we know Shea Weber will be anchoring the Nashville blueline for the long term, who will line up opposite him on the left side? That's probably the single-biggest roster question left hanging over this team ahead of next season.

Yesterday while driving home from work, I heard this question discussed on 102.5 The Game's Sports Night, and Darren McFarland was of the opinion that one of the young guns would be the best choice, because of Weber's ability to mentor them and boost their development.

Me? I'd go the complete opposite route. Hal Gill is here to (partially) be a mentor, but Weber needs to be a team leader, and he can't do that if he's keeping half an eye on his partner and has to be concerned about covering up for any mistakes.

No, give me a reliable (if not exactly sensational) veteran stopper, a guy who can take care of the dirty work and put the Captain in position to succeed. There should still be some room left in the budget to find a guy like that (see my projection from a couple days ago), although there aren't many options on the free agent market.