View Full Version : Erik Condra: A defenceman's best friend

07-31-2012, 04:40
Considering how many stars and budding prospects the Ottawa Senators have around, I was surprised to see not just one but two articles focusing on the largely unnoticed positive impact Erik Condra has on his teammates. Both used advanced statistics to measure his impact on possession with respect to his most common linemates; first up was Travis Yost on HockeyBuzz (*shudder*) discussing Condra and Ville Leino, which was followed up by brochenski's piece in the FanPosts section. (Condra was also featured in a Sens TV video recently re-published.)

Below are some statistics taken from brochenski's piece (which he, in turn, found on stats.hockeyanalysis.com), along with two statistics you won't find anywhere else: The Condra Effect, which is a player's CF% while playing with Condra divided by their percentage while playing without Condra, and converted into a percentage. (NB: CF% represents a player's Corsi for percentage, determined by dividing the player's Corsi for by the sum total of his Corsi for and Corsi against [Corsi For/ Corsi For +Corsi Against].)

On the other hand, the Condra Cost is the percentage that Condra himself sacrificed or benefited in order to improve the possession-based fate of his defensive linemates, calculated by dividing Condra's CF% without the teammate in question by their CF% while playing together.