View Full Version : Yet Another Coyotes Ownership Update: Lease Extension

Coach Selly
08-03-2012, 08:03
On Tuesday, the National Hockey League and the City of Glendale agreed to add a 31-day extension to their current lease agreement at no cost. The lease will now expire at the end of August or when Greg Jamison signs the city council approved new lease.

The last couple days have been interesting for the Phoenix Coyotes ownership situation. On Monday, a Maricopa County judge sided (mostly) with the City of Glendale regarding the initiative seeking to put the city council approved sales tax increase on the ballot. The opposition to the city now has five business days, from July 30, to appeal the decision to the Arizona Supreme Court. While the sales tax is not legally tied into the Coyotes deal, the extra revenue will make it easier for the city to make the arena management fee payments.

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08-13-2012, 13:22
It looks like Jamison has got the money to close the deal now. I expect we will all be able to rest assured that the coyotes are staying put when Doan signs his big contract with the Coyotes. Likely a 4 year contract or at least more than 1 year will be signed shortly.