View Full Version : On Nazem Kadri's Chances Of Making The Leafs

08-07-2012, 05:24
As it stands, the Leafs are way too deep a team for Nazem Kadri to make the big club right out of camp. I think we can all agree on this. Mitch Gleaves points this out at Maple Leafs Central:

Kadri may have been able to develop playing on the third line, but now keeping in mind that a typical Randy Carlyle third line is a shut-down line, it seems that Kadri is out of luck. (He will not play on the fourth line; letís not go there.)

In order to have any type of outside shot to make the Leafs and stay there, Kadri will have to play the wing. Heíll also need to have an outstanding training camp, while hoping that someone else falls off the radar. Of course trades could come into play, but as of right now, Kadri is in tough.