View Full Version : Is Ryan Getzlaf the #1 Center that the Leafs need?!

08-10-2012, 08:33
Ever since Mats Sundin and the Maples Leafs parted ways, there has been a glaring need in Toronto for a #1 center. Many have tried to fill in the role, but none could really hold on to it. Grabovski has had some success in Toronto, but is seen by the organization as the #2 center. The team signed Tim Connolly to hopefully fill in the spot, and it didnít take long for it to become clear that Connolly wasnít the answer. The team missed out on mega free-agent Brad Richards as he chose to sign in New York. And then Toronto also couldnít pull the trigger on trades for Mike Richards or Jeff Carter.
Obviously, it is not that easy to find a #1 center in this league, as teams arenít willing to let go of them and if they are itís going to come at a premium.

So due to the fact that no #1 center has come in, Tyler Bozak has essentially been handed the job ever since being signed as a free agent after leaving University. Bozak has filled in quite well and is doing the best that he can, but it has become clear that he will never be a true #1 center in this league and is just keeping the spot warm until someone more suitable comes along. So what should the Leafs do?

If you pay attention to NHL rumors, you know that every single time a top player is rumored to be on the move, somehow rumors start that he will be going to the Leafs. 99.9% of the time the rumors donít come through and Toronto comes up empty handed. One rumor that just wonít go away lately, is Ryan Getzlaf heading to the Leafs. Whether or not there is any truth to these rumors, none of us know, but letís take a look at if it would actually be a good move for the team.