View Full Version : Tarasenko to play in KHL

Coach Selly
08-13-2012, 12:36
If the NHL closes its doors at the start of the 2012-13 season Vladimir Tarasenko will still be playing hockey. Tarasenko stated that if the NHL fails to start the year he will return to Russia to play in the KHL until the NHL finally resumes play, as reported by Andy Strickland.

The news isnít surprising. Tarasenko was tough to pry out of the KHL in the first place. Itís really no wonder that heíd prefer to return to the KHL and get some action in instead of sitting idly by while the owners and NHLPA try to sort out the mess theyíve created.

Itís also safe to assume that other players around the league might attempt to find playing time in the KHL, or other European leagues, while the NHL has a work stoppage. Last work stoppage we also saw numerous players join various leagues in America as well, including the AHL.

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