View Full Version : Could Jonathan Cheechoo find traction with the Phoenix Coyotes?

Coach Selly
08-14-2012, 10:37
It was only 7 years ago that Moose Factory, Ontario born forward, Jonathan Cheechoo won the Maurice 'Rocket' Richard Trophy as a member of the San Jose Sharks. During that season, Cheechoo netted 56 goals, setting a franchise best at that time for the Sharks, a record that is still untouched to this day. While teamed up with linemates, Joe Thornton and Milan Michalek, Cheechoo followed through the next season with 37 goals and 69 points in 76 games. That same season saw the Ontario native sign a five-year contract extension that was to pay him $15 million for his services. By many accounts, Jonathan Cheechoo was living the high life, then it ended.

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Coach Pharling
08-14-2012, 19:34
No, his defensive game was lacking and his skating is terrible. The new rules post lockout killed the Cheechoo train. His NHL career is as over as Pat Faloon and Alex Daigle.