View Full Version : Colaiacovo Destined for Detroit?

Coach Selly
08-26-2012, 08:17
Finally – NHL news to discuss that doesn’t involve petty negotiating between wealthy owners and wealthy players. A recent report from The Fourth Period reports that sources have indicated that the Detroit Red Wings have made a formal offer to St. Louis defenseman Carlo Colaiacovo.

A few weeks ago I held a discussion weighing the pros and cons of Carlo Colaiacovo returning to St. Louis. Summarized, the pros were that the Blues knew what they would receive from Carlo and would enjoy the offensive talent and chemistry Colaiacovo would bring to the lineup. The cons were that the Blues wouldn’t be upgrading their defense and the glaring issue of Carlo’s fragile nature.

As The Fourth Period mentions, Colaiacovo is one of the lone defensive options left on a pretty depleted free agent market. Fans in St. Louis might downgrade Colaiacovo due to his injury history but the fact remains that Carlo is one of the few available options that could provide a boost to a team lacking defense.

All the rest is right here (http://frozennotes.com/2012/08/24/colaiacovo-destined-for-detroit/)