View Full Version : Top 25 Under 25: #3 Alex Galchenyuk

Coach Selly
09-08-2012, 08:18
Here's to the Canadiens massive leap of faith.

Alex Galchenyuk, the highest draft pick for the Canadiens in over 30 years, is also Trevor Timmins' biggest risk. The Canadiens used their unexpected third overall pick and used it on a player who only played eight OHL games and four international games in his draft year, sandwiched between an ACL injury. The injury is fully healed, but he was largely picked based on his skill set and what he showed at 16 years old, not at 17.

Projecting 17 year olds is tough enough, but projecting 16 year olds as NHLers is even tougher. Trevor Timmins took a risk in 2005 when he used a fifth overall pick on goaltender Carey Price, but this pick, slightly higher, might be a bigger gamble.

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