View Full Version : NHL Lockout Has Compelling Reason to Kill Franchises

Coach Selly
09-11-2012, 06:33
There are a host of reasons to be upset about the looming NHL lockout by the NHL owners. The silent arenas and inability to watch a sheet of ice be carved up for 60 minutes of the fastest game on Earth is going to be disappointing, but for two fan bases, it could be drastic.

The Phoenix Coyotes ownership situation is still rocky at best and I detailed the reasons for its potential contraction this summer. The ongoing saga has reached ridiculous proportions as it began in 2009 with the team filing for bankruptcy. To this point, the NHL has propped up the team as commissioner Gary Bettman refuses to admit his mistake in moving a hockey team to the desert. While the very small contingent of Coyotes’ fans howls for resolution, could the team soon be a casualty of the lack of a Collective Bargaining Agreement?

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