View Full Version : SM-Liiga opens with a Hat Trick

Coach Selly
09-15-2012, 07:22
SM-league season started on Thursday in Lahti maalishow'lla. Two players intoutui hat trick - the first liigaurillaan.

Pelicans Radek Smolenak opened the season by hitting three goals in the Blues Antti Oren behind. In addition, Smolenakille entered the match one supply point. Czech Republic The wharf's hat trick was the first league regular season. Last spring was Smolenak playoff matches finish number one in eight osumallaan Stock Exchange.

Blues Teemu Ramstedt managed Smolenakin the way for the first time in his career league hat trick. 24-year old Sentteri brought the match 3 +1 power. Last season, Ramstedt made ​​Blues-shirt 36 match four goals.

More right here (http://www.sm-liiga.fi/arkisto/paauutinen/kahden-hattutempun-iloittelu.html)