View Full Version : Coyotes Necessary for Westgate Success

Coach Selly
10-09-2012, 06:11
iStar financial has announce that they will be sticking around and retaining Westgate in Glendale. They will be working on rebranding it as the “Westgate Entertainment District”. This is great news, but some facets of their arguments don’t add up, or at least as their arguments were presented by one of the local anti-Coyotes web sites.

A senior VP (Sotolov) of iStar has said that iStar has had discussions with prospective Coyotes buyer (Nostradamus predicts removing the “prospective” adjective before the end of October, 2012) and stated that, while they would like the Coyotes to remain as the anchor tenant of Westgate, they won’t be basing their business model on it. That’s fine, and maybe more negotiating bravado than actual marketing strategy.

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