View Full Version : Briere, Giroux Formally Introduced to Eisbären Berlin of DEL

Coach Selly
10-12-2012, 06:48
Danny Briere and Claude Giroux are not the first players from the Philadelphia Flyers to make the jump to Europe in light of the NHL lockout, but none of their forebears have as high a profile. Earlier today, the two were formally introduced to the fans of their new home, the Eisbären Berlin. The press conference can be viewed here.

An informal transcript:

Question: “Danny, would you like to give your first impressions of the practice today?”

Briere: “All day, you know, since a few days ago, there’s excitement. I think thats probably the best word to describe how I was feeling the last few days. Excitement about coming here. So far today, it’s been a lot of fun finally getting to meet everybody from the organization. The players, getting on the ice… it’s been a fun day. So far, there’s nothing, no disappointment, it’s all been good. I’m looking forward to Friday.”

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