View Full Version : Per Bob McKenzie: Donald Fehr's Letter to the NHLPA Members

Coach Selly
10-19-2012, 04:57
In the letter, which breaks down a summary of the NHL offer, Fehr writes the following:

- "Simply put, the owners' new proposal, while not quite as Draconian as their previous proposals, still represents enormous reductions in player salaries and individual contracting rights. As you will see, at the 5 per cent industry growth rate the owners predict, the salary reduction over six years exceeds $1.6 billion. What do the owners offer in return?"

- "The proposal does represent movement from their last negotiating position, but still represents very large, immediate and continuing concessions by players to owners, in salary and benefits (the Players' Share) and in individual player contracting rules."

Mor... (http://www.anaheimcalling.com/2012/10/17/3516766/per-bob-mckenzie-donald-fehrs-letter-to-the-nhlpa-members)