View Full Version : Hartnell to play in Finland if lockout drags on

Coach Selly
10-26-2012, 05:36
#HartnellDown? Well, if the NHL lockout drags on, get used to #HartnellKatollaan -- the Finnish translation.

Assuming the lockout continues through November, Hartnell plans to head to Finland to play for KalPa, the team of which he's a minority owner.

"Scott's going to continue to see what happens here over the next little bit," said Hartnell's agent Matt Oates. "If they're not playing, there's an agreement he's going to head over there (to KalPa)."

More right here (http://www.csnphilly.com/hockey-philadelphia-flyers/flyers-talk/Hartnell-to-play-in-Finland-if-lockout-d?blockID=793363&feedID=695)