View Full Version : Point Shots: Craig Button on Scouting and Fantasy Hockey

Coach Pharling
10-30-2012, 07:32
The NHL lockout has not completely shut out fantasy hockey. Many dedicated fantasy hockey players are taking this opportunity to shore up their fantasy prospect scouting by watching AHL, CHL, and college hockey. The hopes are that this extra research will allow them to find the next great sleeper pick that is not in all the magazines. Perhaps they will earn the respect and admiration of their peers by taking advantage of some poor, lesser informed counterpart.

In looking for prospects that will have an impact on your fantasy hockey roster what are the most important factors to consider?

I posed that exact question to former NHL General Manager, and current TSN Scout and NHLNET Analyst Craig Button. “In looking for prospects you want to contribute to your fantasy team, you better look at the team he is playing on and see what type of opportunity he has.”

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