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Coach Selly
11-13-2012, 06:24
You know the story reported in good faith all week by journalists covering the owners’ lockout, that the league would be willing to withdraw most, if not all, of its proposed freedom restrictions other than the one on front-loaded contracts if the players would agree to go 50/50?

Well, it’s not true, not any more, if ever.

For this from an individual in the room for Friday’s negotiating sessions and confirmed word-for-word by Slap Shots by a source across the aisle:
“Near the end of the meeting, Don (Fehr) said to Gary (Bettman): ‘Let me get this straight. Even if the players agree to every single component of the league’s economic plan, we still don’t have a deal unless we also agree to every one of your proposed changes to player contract rights?’ ”

Read on (http://www.nypost.com/p/sports/more_sports/don_bett_on_this_commish_IEaFOaMafgPLGAnT5fPrJN)