View Full Version : Crosby, Penguins owners push to save NHL season

Coach Selly
12-05-2012, 09:17
The Penguins are sending everyone over the boards to try to end the NHL lockout.

Mario Lemieux arrived in New York on Tuesday, a day in which progress between the owners and players was facilitated in large part by co-owner Ron Burkle on one side and team captain Sidney Crosby on the other. Lemieux and team CEO David Morehouse are expected to attend the Board of Governors meeting Wednesday, multiple sources said.

Burkle and Crosby were described by participants in the five-hour talks as voices of reason. Their shared point of view: The NHL should not risk another round of canceled games — they’re already canceled through Dec. 14 — and the league may not recover if a season is lost to a labor dispute for the second time in eight years, the sources said.

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