View Full Version : Buffalo Sabres Have Highest Salary Payroll In NHL This Year

Coach Selly
01-03-2013, 09:13
The NHL and NHLPA continue to squabble over the future of the NHL's salary structure, but as it currently stands, the Buffalo Sabres currently have the highest payroll in the entire league, at least as far as pure salary dollars.

Thanks to the massively front-loaded (some would argue cap-circumventing) extensions to Tyler Myers and Christian Ehrhoff, the Sabres are paying out $75.3 million - the most dollars to their players this year out of all 30 NHL teams.

Myers is being paid an insane $12 million this season, despite having only a $5.5 million cap hit thanks to his eleventy-billion year contract, while Ehrhoff is being paid an almost-as-ridiculous $8 million this year for a $4 million cap hit. That's $20 million committed this season to just two defenders, for you math wizards out there.

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