View Full Version : Admirals keepings things warm in the cellar

Coach Selly
01-16-2013, 06:41
Been awhile since my last post. Been busy with real life matters. Meanwhile the Norfolk Admirals continue to keep the cellar warm while the NHL open up camps and return to action next week.

When we last met the Admirals had just dropped a 0-3 match with the Syracuse Crunch on Friday (1/4/13). The Crunch provided the opposition the following night. The game was a much tighter game and the Admirals even had a chance to win. The key word was “HAD”. Things were not meant to be and Norfolk lost in overtime 3-4. After the loss the team had to take a trip down to Raleigh to take on the Charlotte Checkers at 1:30pm Sunday (1/6/13). Once again the Admirals played a pretty decent game, but the outcome remained the same. Norfolk dropped this game 1-3 to Charlotte.

Norfolk had some time off to get things together before heading up north for a Friday night match with the Syracuse Crunch. The Crunch and the Admirals played a tough match and that ended up going to a shootout. Syracuse came out on top with a 3-2 win over the Admirals in front of the home crowd.

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