View Full Version : Timeout with Albany Devils forward Bobby Butler

Coach Selly
02-01-2013, 07:35
The President of the AHL, David Andrews, said it best- “The AHL isn’t Hollywood.” If you listen to Andrews or anyone else from around the NHL development league, they will tell you how tough the league is and three words that always seem to come out of their mouths are long bus rides. It’s a challenge that many are willing to accept but not all will succeed at.

Albany Devils forward, Bobby Butler, knows all too well about how un-Hollywood the AHL can be and how easy it is to slip from the National Hockey League, back down to the American Hockey League and that the trip back up isn’t as easy as the ride down.

“ The long bus rides,” Butler began, “ It kinda makes you realize how hard you’ve got to work. Just gives you perspective on the process and what it takes to hopefully be up there (NHL) someday.”

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