View Full Version : Leadership qualities already a part of Nurse’s game

Coach Selly
02-26-2013, 05:46
Combining an elite professional athlete pedigree with dynamic on-ice skills, already-manifested leadership capabilities, and pure freakish physicality, Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds’ blueliner Darnell Nurse looks to be the prescription for success for one lucky NHL franchise.

At just 17, Nurse was named an assistant captain, but explained he’s dealing with the pressure of the added responsibility — and countless scouts’ eyes — by focusing on the team game.

“The biggest thing is to just stay focused and our goal of making the playoffs and making a splash from there,” states Nurse. “If you keep your mind on the games in the season and then the playoffs, all of those other distractions will just fade away. [Scouts] are always going to be out there for a reason and the biggest thing is to go out there and play the way that you play. Stick to your game plan. Play the way that you can, show them your ability, and not change the way you play based on who’s watching you.”

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