View Full Version : St. Louis Blues Trade Rumors: Who is on the Trading Block?

Coach Selly
03-28-2013, 03:10
The St. Louis Blues are a team on the verge of making a push down the stretch, but are one or two bad moves away from being out of playoff contention. While the success of the Blues last season had fans expecting something huge this year, the goaltending and defense that led the Blues last year seems to have fallen off. While the problems on the Blues’ defensive game seem to mount, their offense seems to have recaptured their momentum, but the streaky goal scoring is still an issue.

With the trade deadline just days away, St. Louis Blues GM Doug Armstrong could look to improve his team at the deadline, but after shipping Matt D’Agostini for little in return to the New Jersey Devils, who could be the next player shipped out of town? There are four types of players that could be on the block. The first are restricted free agents, players who would not be lost for nothing, but could no longer be needed on this roster. The second are unrestricted free agents, players who could walk at the end of the season or not be asked to come back and would be lost for nothing. The third are players that have fallen out of grace with the team or could no longer be needed for long term success. The final group are those who have yet to join the St. Louis Blues, these prospects could be moved in order to bring a better return now.

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