View Full Version : Stanley Cup Playoffs 2013: 16 people facing the most pressure in NHL postseason

Coach Selly
04-28-2013, 10:51
The Western Conference seedings are set, and the Eastern Conference will be settled after the Ottawa game at the Bruins on Sunday. We know who the 16 teams vying for the Stanley Cup are for the 2013 postseason.

So who is facing the most pressure?

Here are 16 people facing the heat:

Dan Bylsma, Pittsburgh Penguins

Bylsma’s not exactly on the hot seat, what with the Penguins having rolled through the Eastern Conference regular season. But he’s the coach with the most talent on his roster, and that means the expectations are higher than they are for any other bench boss in the NHL postseason. The pieces are all there; how Bylsma manages them will determine whether Ray Shero has constructed a Cup winner or a paper champ.

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