View Full Version : Sabres' Miller and Vanek in limbo

Coach Selly
04-28-2013, 10:56
The Sabres cleaned out their lockers after another disappointing season.

We know Buffalo’s rebuilding, but what we don’t know is if Ryan Miller or Thomas Vanek will be a part of it. Vanek said, "If it looks like it's a long rebuild, it probably makes sense for both parties to move on."

Much of what Miller has been doing lately has been indicating that he feels he won’t be back. Miller said, “I think it starts to happen as things tend to happen in the NHL. As far as my status, it’s really up to Darcy and the direction they’re going to go so that’s a conversation we’re going to have to have and it’s a conversation that unfortunately I’m not going to share with you guys because it’s just going to be something that’s going to have to happen down the road”

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