View Full Version : ENTRY DRAFT THIS SUNDAY, JULY 28th, 2013 - NOON EDT

Coach Selly
07-24-2013, 11:22
Our Entry Draft will be held THIS SUNDAY, JULY 28TH, 2013 @ NOON EDT (9:00 AM PDT)

If you know that you WILL NOT be present for the draft, please contact me ASAP.
Either PM me: Coach Selly (http://www.fantasyhockeycoach.com/member.php?94-Coach-Selly) or send me an email: [email protected] (Please include your team name in the email)

- The draft will be three rounds and it will be held in the DRAFT ROOM on Fantrax.com.

- The time limit per pick for the first round will be 10 minutes, for the 2nd and 3rd rounds it will be 5 minutes.
If a team takes longer than the specified time for the pick, that will pick will be auto-drafted the first player on the Fantrax player list. If the team has players ranked and a draft queue set up, it will be auto-drafted the first available player from that list.

- All players that have been drafted and/or have signed a contract with an NHL team are eligible to be drafted. (You do NOT have to draft only prospects.)

- The 30 player roster limit will NOT be enforced at this time. You are able to have more than 30 players at the conclusion of the draft. You may also have less than 30 players at the conclusion of the draft.

- Free agent claims will not be open until the start of the regular season.
- Waiver claims will be open sometime after the draft has concluded, a date has not been decided upon as of yet.

- Teams are eligible to trade picks during the draft. The Commissioner does have the ability to adjust picks while the draft is in progress. So, if you make a trade involving a pick in this draft let me know in the Draft Room chat ASAP.
If you DO NOT message me, the pick trade will need to be done on a trust basis. Meaning if you receive a pick in a trade (during the draft), you will need to inform the GM of the other team involved which player you want to have drafted with that pick. You should also let me know what that trade is so that I can process the appropriate moves after the draft has concluded. You can either email me, send me a PM or do a private chat in the draft room chat.

- If you cannot be present for the draft on Sunday, you can give me a list of players you would like to draft and I will draft for your team, you can have another GM draft for your team by giving them a list (make sure that the other GM informs me that he/she will be drafting for your team and if possible, please message me and let me know before Sunday) or you can rank players and set up a draft queue on Fantrax.

- You can still rank players and set up a Draft Queue if you will be present for the draft.

How To Set Up A Draft Queue on Fantrax:

- Go to Fantrax.com

- Under MY LEAGUES, click FHC Keeper League

- In the menu bar, click RANK PLAYERS

- If you want to find a specific player, type his last name in the Player Search box and click GO.
Otherwise, you can just scroll through the list to look at players

- Click the + next to the player you want to add to your rankings

- If there is a player you absolutely DO NOT want to have drafted to your team, click the E next to his name and he will be added to your Exclude List.

- Your list will be transferred to the DRAFT ROOM

- Click on DRAFT ROOM in the menu bar. The DRAFT ROOM should now show the players you have ranked.

- To add a player to your Draft Queue, click the DOWN POINTING ARROW next to the player's name. His name should now appear in the Draft Queue list on the bottom left of the page.

- If you are not going to be present for the draft, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE check the box next to, "Draft player from queue immediately." That means the GMs who are present don't have to wait for the time limit to expire for your team to be drafted.

- If you are ranking players and find that a player you would like to draft is not listed, contact me ASAP so I can have Fantrax add him to the eligible players.

Coach Selly
07-24-2013, 11:23
This is the draft order as it stands as of right now:


The Landesbeautys 1 1
Midnight Maniacs 2 2
Tazer's Army 3 3
Saskatoon Sting 4 4
Toronto Buds 5 5
Midnight Maniacs 6 6
Springfield Isotopes 7 7
Thunder Bay Bombers 8 8
Toronto Buds 9 9
Moncton WildRats 10 10
Ankle Breakers 11 11
Tazer's Army 12 12
AZ Casualties 13 13
Tazer's Army 14 14
Team Canada 15 15
Capital Punishment 16 16
Bloody Water 17 17
Oilers2014 18 18
Springfield Isotopes 19 19
Capital Punishment 20 20
Midnight Maniacs 21 21
K-Town Killer Clowns 22 22
Midnight Maniacs 23 23
Abu of the Night 24 24
Bloody Water 25 25
Teemu's Salami 26 26
Coast to Coasters 27 27
Midnight Maniacs 28 28

Coach Selly
07-24-2013, 11:24

The Landesbeautys 1 29
Moncton WildRats 2 30
Tazer's Army 3 31
Midnight Maniacs 4 32
Toronto Buds 5 33
Miro Satan's Army 6 34
Springfield Isotopes 7 35
Thunder Bay Bombers 8 36
Montreal Maroons 9 37
Moncton WildRats 10 38
Hull & Oates 11 39
Springfield Isotopes 12 40
AZ Casualties 13 41
K-Town Killer Clowns 14 42
Team Canada 15 43
Midnight Maniacs 16 44
Toronto St. Pats 17 45
Oilers2014 18 46
Midnight Maniacs 19 47
Oyster Bed Generals 20 48
Montreal Maroons 21 49
K-Town Killer Clowns 22 50
Oyster Bed Generals 23 51
Moncton WildRats 24 52
The Landesbeautys 25 53
Teemu's Salami 26 54
Capital Punishment 27 55
Tazer's Army 28 56

Coach Selly
07-24-2013, 11:24

Ankle Breakers 1 57
Midnight Maniacs 2 58
Tazer's Army 3 59
Oyster Bed Generals 4 60
Moncton WildRats 5 61
Midnight Maniacs 6 62
Hull & Oates 7 63
Thunder Bay Bombers 8 64
Toronto Buds 9 65
Midnight Maniacs 10 66
Ankle Breakers 11 67
Ankle Breakers 12 68
AZ Casualties 13 69
Nouka 14 70
Team Canada 15 71
Capital Punishment 16 72
Toronto St. Pats 17 73
Oilers2014 18 74
Springfield Isotopes 19 75
Oyster Bed Generals 20 76
Montreal Maroons 21 77
K-Town Killer Clowns 22 78
The Landesbeautys 23 79
Hull & Oates 24 80
Bloody Water 25 81
Teemu's Salami 26 82
Toronto St. Pats 27 83
Jackson Hole Puckers 28 84

Craig Simpson
07-25-2013, 05:10
I assume that I don't need to be personally present if I have my draft order set up in the draft room?

Coach Selly
07-25-2013, 07:17
I assume that I don't need to be personally present if I have my draft order set up in the draft room?
Nope, you don't need to be there. It will automatically draft from the list you set up

Craig Simpson
07-25-2013, 11:49
Alrighty, I won't likely be there, but my draft list is queued up and set to draft immediately from my list.

Coach Selly
07-26-2013, 05:50
Alrighty, I won't likely be there, but my draft list is queued up and set to draft immediately from my list.
Thanks for taking care of that and for letting me know!