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  1. Blogger Gesterling's Avatar
    Coach Pharling,

    I disagree, I think that the goalies complete the team. I mean what good is having a fantasy hockey team without goalies? That would be like Fantasy Football without kickers. Or Fantasy Baseball without pitchers. But yeah in a way I sense a little sarcasm as well, so
  2. Coach Pharling's Avatar
    I think goalies are all fickle and unreliable. Fantasy hockey would be better with out them!
  3. Blogger Gesterling's Avatar
    I agree on Anderson.

    I disagree (as you know) with the Backstrom assertion even though the numbers prove your point. And you saying Suter is another Brent Burns is a little off I think. I think Suter is much better than Burns.

    And Lindback, while I agree he isn't a goalie to start on your fantasy team, I also think he deserves a shot to start and he could very prove himself as a pick up/good starter, especially in Tampa's defensive style.
  4. Blogger Gesterling's Avatar
    And yet the Coyotes are still in trouble. It is a shame to be honest.
  5. Chara's Coke's Avatar
    Just a FYI - Dougie Hamilton's 6'5 now ... scary stuff for the Bruins in '12-'13
  6. Coach Pharling's Avatar
    It's players like this that make you a fantasy Champion in Dynasty capped leagues. Players who produce at a high level without eating up your salary cap.
    Great read!