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Assistant Coach Guthe

  1. 2013 NHL Draft: Overhyped?

    For the last few months (and even longer in some cases), so many have been pouring praises on the 2013 NHL Entry Draft class. In summary, the "hype" revolves around the first round's apparent depth of talent at multiple positions and styles as well as some "once-in-a-generation" type of talents. Much of the hockey world is focused on how these young hockey talents have fared thus far following the conclusion of round robin play at the 2013 IIHF under-20 World Junior Tournament. ...
  2. NCAA Prospect Notebook: Cornell University

    Cornell University

    The Big Red are off to a good start after defeating Colorado College twice to kick off their 2012-13 campaign. In their first two ECAC matchups of the season against Colgate they won one and tied in the other.

    A big part of why Cornell are strong contenders in the ECAC has to do with Andy Iles a local Ithaca, NY native. Iles is entering his junior season and the experience he has gained through a heavy workload as an underclassman appears to be paying ...
  3. State of the Crease

    Most hockey fans realize that a quality goaltender is an important piece to any success both for actual NHL teams and in fantasy hockey. Stability in net is a key to nearly every team that reaches the elite level of play.

    A few friendly conversations with FHC's own Kevin Gesterling had me thinking about how we as fans and as fantasy GMs assess netminders. We all have the same statistics from the same players to judge but come to different conclusions.

    Here are mine about ...