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  1. fantasy hockey fanatic's Avatar
    I went to the Toronto Marlies during the lockout, it was a hell of a good time. The crowd was insane for a not that big arena.

    My blog - Fantasy Hockey Fanatic. I give some fantasy hockey player rankings and advice.
  2. Blogger Gesterling's Avatar
    I would have agreed a couple days ago, however it seems more encouraging now with the recent talks and happenings. But Gary Bettman is flat out ruining hockey, I can't believe a word he says anymore. That isn't to say that he was ever believable but even more so now.

    Even if the season restarts I have to wonder if fans will return. Until this past weekend I was praying they would just lock the season out already just because it is drags on any longer it will make having a season pointless.

    I will post another blog within the next day or two about the Winter Classic cancellation and recent discussions.
  3. kbooks's Avatar
    I think the season is slipping away and serious damage is being done to hockey as a serious professional sport. Another lost season will result in serious fan support drop off in the weaker market cities and some of these teams may never recover. Bettman is killing NHL hockey.
  4. Coach Pharling's Avatar
    I plan on submersing myself into the OHL, as I have media credential for the Kingston Frontenacs. With no NHL there should be several elite prospects returning to the CHL, including Alex Galchenyuk, Mark Sheifele, Dougie Hamilton and many more.

    I also hope to locate software that will allow FHC to host either, or both a CHL fantasy hockey league, and a AHL fantasy hockey league.

    Stay tuned for more...
  5. Blogger Gesterling's Avatar
    It is indeed a nightmare. I thought with the league releasing the National TV Schedule recently that maybe there was hope. Now depending on what happens after the lock out starts on Saturday it could be a late start to the season. I am still optimistic to have a season, but not a full one. We'll see though, this is definitely not what the league needs now.
  6. Coach Pharling's Avatar
    Kevin I feel exactly the same way. I find it unacceptable that the NHL and NHLPA waited until only recently to initiate discussions. After some brutally hard lessons learned and a lot of lost money from the 2005 lock out I was sure the league and union would work together to ensure that never happened again. In fact i was completely expecting that shortly after the playoffs ended the league would announce triumphantly that they have already struck a new agreement a while ago and were waiting for the right moment to break the news.
    I guess I was living in a dream world, and unfortunately I am waking up to this fracking nightmare!
  7. Blogger Gesterling's Avatar
    Brouwer I agree with this. I also wondered why owners didn't stop their own teams from doing this if this is such a big issue to them. I would have to assume that they know about the long term deals (or any deal for that matter) before it gets signed just so the GM's don't lose their jobs. But not having inside knowledge of how a deal goes down I don't know when the owner finds out when a deal is agreed upon.
  8. Aaron Brouwer's Avatar
    Why don't the owners just govern themselves? If they don't want long term contracts then police yourselves, band together and don't let your management teams sign those contracts.