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This is a special blog containing to a certain topic outside of news.

  1. CBA update

    Just a quick CBA update;

    There have been informal meetings that took place last weekend, no new meetings are scheduled. And the NHLPA is trying to take legal action to block the lockout in the provinces of Alberta and Quebec. The move could be considered the first punch if you will in what could be an ugly lock out if it is proceeded, which is expected at this point.

    A personal take on this is that I am not convinced a lock out is avoidable, and further then that is that ...
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  2. Sound off: Current CBA expiring

    With 8 days left in the current Collective Bargaining Agreement nearing expiration, and a lock out all but almost a certainty, what will you do if there is a lock out? Will you give the NHL another chance?

    Personally I will give the league another chance because I love hockey to much, not so much the politics of the game. But with a delay in the season once every six years is not that big of a deal to me. Ideally though there would be labor peace between both sides.

    Anyway ...

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  3. Focusing on 3 Underrated forwards

    These are guys I feel get less attention than they deserve, these guys are either grinders or defensive forwards that contribute a lot to a team that may need solid penalty killers.

    Also let me say that these players may or may not be good contributors to a fantasy hockey team. If you have a deep team and want good plus/minus numbers these guys may be able to help you out.

    Name:  vsobotka.jpg
Views: 611
Size:  56.5 KBVladimir Sobotka, C, St. Louis Blues

    Vladimir Sobotka ...
  4. Off-Season Winners and Losers

    This is my list of the off-season winners and losers. And I am basing this information on the draft and free agency to date.


    What can I say that is not already obvious? Adding Suter and Parise makes them a dangerous team all of a sudden. One of the problems I saw with Minnesota was goal scoring and I think Zach Parise complements the Wild perfectly. It will be interesting to see if he plays with Dany Heatley or if they try to spread the offense ...

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