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  1. NHL Lockout Appears primed to drag on.

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Size:  22.7 KBComing into Thursday there was a sense of hope for NHL fans, the NHL made an offer on Tuesday which seemed like it was a start of what could be potentially season saving negotiations. What transpired on Thursday was the exact opposite, not only were the NHLPA's counter offers rejected, but they were pretty much laughed at by the NHL.

    While no details have yet to be told about the players various offers (there were 3 different proposals) unlike when the NHL

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  2. The lock out is now officially effecting the fans of the NHL.

    Fellow Hockey Fans,

    I think we can all agree that this NHL Lock out is now effecting us, the fans. To bring it to you in a better context, it is effecting us now more so today than it did when it was officially put into effect a little less than 4 weeks ago. Because today would have been game day in 8 markets, in all four time zones and in both the USA and Canada. Rivalry games like the Bruins-Flyers and Canucks-Flames would have been on the slate, but today we sit here hoping for some ...
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