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  1. Scouting and Drafting Star Hockey Players


    After having studied hundreds of players, I have developed a system that helps identify players who will play in the NHL and be productive (point-wise) players, and those who will fall short of expectations.

    I wanted to see if players who went on to be good to great NHLers shared traits in their early statistical history that would mark them as being on a path for success. In addition, I wanted to see if those that never attained success at the NHL ...

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  2. Recent Signings

    Notable recent signings made over the last couple of days.

    Team Player Years Salary Cap Hit Stats
    Boston Matt Barkowski 1 $660k $660k AHL: 50GP, 3G, 19A, 22PTS

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  3. Off-Season Winners and Losers

    This is my list of the off-season winners and losers. And I am basing this information on the draft and free agency to date.


    What can I say that is not already obvious? Adding Suter and Parise makes them a dangerous team all of a sudden. One of the problems I saw with Minnesota was goal scoring and I think Zach Parise complements the Wild perfectly. It will be interesting to see if he plays with Dany Heatley or if they try to spread the offense ...

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