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  1. Focusing on 3 Underrated forwards

    These are guys I feel get less attention than they deserve, these guys are either grinders or defensive forwards that contribute a lot to a team that may need solid penalty killers.

    Also let me say that these players may or may not be good contributors to a fantasy hockey team. If you have a deep team and want good plus/minus numbers these guys may be able to help you out.

    Name:  vsobotka.jpg
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Size:  56.5 KBVladimir Sobotka, C, St. Louis Blues

    Vladimir Sobotka ...
  2. State of the Crease: Age Breakdown

    Whether you are in a keeper league or a one-year league, knowing who the reliable elite goaltenders are is often a must. Since last season it seems apparent that there is a switch in which generation of netminders should be considered the top tier of pack. It was not long ago the best goaltenders in the league were regarded as being Ryan Miller (now 32), Ilya Bryzgalov (now 32), Miikka Kiprusoff (now 35), Niklas Backstrom (now 34), Roberto Luongo (now 33), and Martin Brodeur (now 40) among others. ...
  3. Ten Fantasy Hockey Sleepers You Need to Know

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    Originally posted on The Hockey Writers

    The fantasy hockey draft season is fast approaching. It is the time of year to set your keeper players, pick up the latest edition of your favorite magazine and start scouring for that pool buster pick. The ever elusive pick which will make you the envy of your peers and elevate you to the stature of equally liked hockey minded greats such as Bob Mackenzie, Scotty Bowman, and Ken Holland.

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  4. You DONíT wanna be that guy!

    View From my parents basement
    Catering to the lighter side of Fantasy Hockey
    by David Dickenson

    You DONíT wanna be that guy!

    Itís almost fantasy hockey draft time if thereís a season and the trash talk has already started and many of the proposed rule changes are being bandied about like politicians filibustering to get their legislative changes through the House of Commons. Hearing all this double-talk and non-sensical jibber jabbering about something ...