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  1. Locked Out. So now what?

    Now that the NHL lock out is official, what are you plans to kill the time during the proceedings? Do you plan on continuing to support the NHL after the lock out is over?

    Personally, I will take this time to play through NHL 13's GM connected mode on PS3 while I wait for the NHL to finally hit the ice. I would love to see AHL or CHL games but none are usually on TV and the leagues charge a boatload to watch them online legally. So I guess I will be without live hockey unless NHL Network ...
  2. CBA update

    Just a quick CBA update;

    There have been informal meetings that took place last weekend, no new meetings are scheduled. And the NHLPA is trying to take legal action to block the lockout in the provinces of Alberta and Quebec. The move could be considered the first punch if you will in what could be an ugly lock out if it is proceeded, which is expected at this point.

    A personal take on this is that I am not convinced a lock out is avoidable, and further then that is that ...
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  3. Sound off: Current CBA expiring

    With 8 days left in the current Collective Bargaining Agreement nearing expiration, and a lock out all but almost a certainty, what will you do if there is a lock out? Will you give the NHL another chance?

    Personally I will give the league another chance because I love hockey to much, not so much the politics of the game. But with a delay in the season once every six years is not that big of a deal to me. Ideally though there would be labor peace between both sides.

    Anyway ...

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