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  1. Scouting and Drafting Star Hockey Players


    After having studied hundreds of players, I have developed a system that helps identify players who will play in the NHL and be productive (point-wise) players, and those who will fall short of expectations.

    I wanted to see if players who went on to be good to great NHLers shared traits in their early statistical history that would mark them as being on a path for success. In addition, I wanted to see if those that never attained success at the NHL ...

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  2. Fantasy Hockey Impact- Top New Entry Level Contracts Signings Part III

    Name:  rmurphy.jpg
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Size:  13.9 KB7) Ryan Murphy - CAR - Once former Kitchener Ranger captain, Gabriel Landeskog made the jump the NHL, a big part of the team's offense fell even more to Murphy. It is a slightly atypical expectation since Murphy is a defender but, it is also a testament to how much offensive potential he possesses. In the end his point totals did take a step back, but considering the changes in Kitchener, it was still a pretty solid season for Murphy.

    It is a great sign for ...
  3. Fantasy Hockey Impact- Top New Entry Level Contracts Signings Part II

    This is the second part to the top recent ELC signings which excludes players who have played in NHL regular season or post-season games.

    4) Charlie Coyle- MIN- Blessed with the size and soft hands to play both a power and a finesse game, Coyle is a perfect combination of the two styles. It is not unusual to find prospects with a style similar to Coyle's but, few have developed both sides and know how to use them as well as the former-Boston University Terrier and current St. John SeaDog. ...
  4. Fantasy Hockey Impact- Top New Entry Level Contracts Signings Part I

    About the List

    Entry Level Contract signings bring in alot of hype both around both NHL teams and fantasy hockey teams for many. This is the first part of my five-part series on this topic that will feature 15 players.

    This list is of what looks to be the best of the past year's ELC signings and only includes players that have not played in any regular season or post-season NHL games. Meaning that Brandon Saad, Mark Scheifele, Sean Couturier and others are not included. ...

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